Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bozeman Montana Green Homes - Montana Green homes

As we all probably know by now, green building techniques have the potential to be money savers. 

Green Building Techniques not only can you save on energy costs, a complete green home building program can:

  1. reduce natural resources depletion, save natural and man-made resources.
  2. lower your overall environmental impact.
  3. lower water consumption - buildings consume 14% of US potable water.
  4. encourage others to go green.
  5. lower green house gas emissions.
  6. reduce the amount of energy drawn from local utility companies - buildings account for 39% of US energy use.
  7. improve your indoor environmental quality.
  8. lower air-pollution - buildings account for 38% of US carbon dioxide - CO2 - emissions.
  9. lower dependency on foreign energy.
  10. reduce the amount of building/ solid waste sent to local landfills.
According to guidelines of NAHB Model GREEN Home Building, the green building processes build in environmental considerations to every phase of green home building processes. That means that during the design, construction, and operation of a home, homeowner maintenance, lot development, resource efficient building design and materials, energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and the home's overall impact on the environment are all considered.

June 20, 2008 found both the Montana Home Builders Association and the Missoula Building Industry Association created a new voluntary residential green building program, named the Montana Green Building Program. This program has partnered with the Green Building Initiative (GBI) and is designed to help increase Montana energy-efficiency and produce more environmentally-friendly Montana homes. This Green Building Program has outlined a entry level that will offer training resources and practical green building methods for Montana green builders.

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